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Does anyone else have trouble with extra windows and doors in their schedules?

I have a small barn model I'm building. I brought in a door from another project to copy the attributes to the new doors in this project. I used the door and deleted it. Now, when I make a door sched. I find the 2 doors I want with all their info; size, material etc. Then there seems to be one door or tag somewhere with no info that is screwing up the colomns in the schedule. If I summarize, the colomns get dashes insted of info. I ran cust selection2 looking for all the doors with a similar tag etc. any suggestions??



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I've found other objects (walls, rectangles, etc.) with door records attached to them that show up in my schedules. I think this happened when I used the eyedropper tool a little haphazardly. You may want to check the wall that the door was in and see if it has a door record...

good luck-


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You're not looking for a door object, you're looking for something that you inadvertantly tagged with the ID tool while in 'door' mode. Use custom selection to look for all objects that have a "Door Record" record attached. The one(s) that are not doors are your culprits

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I would like to have some input on the subject. I did use Custom Selection to look for all objects that have a "Door Record" record attached. But I still have 5 items that I cannot find. Could there be a non-editable objetct like an Object Palette door that might still have a Door Record inserted in any way? I know I am able to "enter" into symbols and find such items, but I' lost right now.

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Try adding columns in your Schedule with these formulae:




These will return Layer and Class for each item listed in the Schedule. You can always remove these criteria for final appearance. This has often been enough clue for me to find the errant items. (Just yesterday, I found the last "stray" item on one schedule was the schedule itself. . .somehow it had gotten its own record attached!)

Good luck,

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Something still confuses me about schedules & records. I inserted a storefront type window on top of a 6" high wall base. The ID tag says it is a window-wall when it used to be just a window. Understood. The problem is I cannot tag it as a window now because the ID tells me the record needed and the record attached do not match. It insist to be tagged as a wall.

I do not want to do a wall schedule and ID won't let me just place a window tag. Can I just duplicate a window tag, edit the window record and be happy even if there is not an actual link?

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The ID Tool "inserts" record information into the Window Record for the item you're trying to ID. If you were to edit the window later, you'd go to the window (NOT the ID Label), click on the Data tab in the OIP and edit the appropriate fields. The ID Label is NOT what gets tracked to the schedule, it's the window itself.

So, yes, edit the record info on the window and replace the ID Symbol with the correct one. The link between the two only matters when the ID Tool is used to place label symbols. . .it's a convenience factor to allow you to enter the window data via a dialog-box as you place ID Labels. The data is actually stored with the window (door, wall, whatever), NOT with the label.

A thought occurs re your stray records: check to be sure you don't have Window Record (or any other Record, for that matter) turned "on" for a label somewhere. As noted, you want the window to be tracked to the schedule, NOT the Label symbol.

Good luck,

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I keep reminding people: I'm horribly unoriginal; but I'm not bad at regurgitating what others have taught me. I just wish I was better at remembering who really deserves the various credit.

I sometimes think Robert and Katie, et al, might even be a little relieved to have folks like Peter and Mike (oz) and Jonathan and so many others who can keep reiterating what the newer forum members need. If I manage to help someone along, it's merely repayment for the years of drawing from others on this board. And thanks for your input, as well, islandmon.

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Turn on database headers. If you highlight a header, you can edit the criteria that that column searches for. Without the quotes, you can type:

"=c" for class

"=l" for layer

"=s" for symbol

and it will give you that information for each object in the schedule. Look in the manual under "worksheet operations" for other criteria.

Make sure you save before doing this, and revert to saved after you have that information, because you don't want to over-write your schedule.

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I'm having trouble with the ID tags. I wanted to have all my 3' doors labeled P1, all my 2'8" doors labeled P2, and so on. I do not need a unique number for each door, nor do I need to have all doors show up on the schedule--one row for each type is enough. Now, I run into two problems. First, when I create the schedule, I cannot figure out how to keep all the doors from showing up, short of deleting manually the duplicates. Second, when I apply the ID labels with "p" as the prefix and an arbitrary number as "label", I end up with extra garbage such as P1,01 that I did not specify. Not only that, the next door I id gets labeled P1,0101, the third door P1,010101 and so on. What the heck am I doing wrong?

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