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I would like to go back a bit with sections & elevations.

I am doing sections based on a 3D sectioned Model View (in a design layer). For some reason I can't grasp, if I go and do some other things after sectioning, like check out the Floor Plan View, when I go back to the design layer with the sections, my Roof Layer and Classes have turned off. I have to go to Layers and then Classes to turn them back on.

Is this some flawed setup in the Model or are ALL design layers affected by how Saved Views turn on and off layers and classes?

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This is a little late but regarding the model and heights...

I set all the design layers at zero with room for their height. Then I actually place the walls and floors at their actual height in life, i.e. the first floor or whatever point I need at zero, the second floor is at 10 or 12', the third at 24' etc. The ground/basement/cellar is a negative number.

This lets me work on a layer but using layer options I can see the other layers in gray or full color to check sections as I build. It also reminds me of how high things are getting. I have a handdrawn sketch posted to refer to.

The only drawback I have found is that when you make perspective views you have to add the height of the story to the eye height, i.e. a view on the second floor might be1 6' looking at 16'

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Since reading these comments I've just tried the model tool for the first time.

I first aligned all of my layers and checked their z heights etc. in front and right views. (This is a garden design) I also aligned layer views.

When I produced my model two of the layers aligned beautifully with each other but appeared like a magic carpet of plants above the ground surface! At least 1m off the ground at an estimate.

What have I done wrong? The effect was just as I wanted except for this tiny problem!!!

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