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EVERY time I have upgraded the past few years (or need to reinstall because of computer issues) my default templates and even old designs I want to go back and work on something gets screwed up in Plant Symbols and the Plant Tool Preferences.


Whatever plant I place first on the plan the rest of the plants default to that plants size. So for example the first plant  I place on the design is a Ceanothus that is 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The next I try to place is a 4' x 4' Salvia and instead of being 4x4 it will instead be the same size as the Ceanothus. If I go into the Plant Tool Preference and correct the size of the Salvia then the NEXT plant I place will be the size of the Salvia instead of the size it is supposed to be and so on. In the past I would fiddle with things and eventually get it to work properly. The problem is I am never quite sure what I did to fix it. It just starts working properly and I breathe a sigh of relief and move on with my life. 

Well now I have installed version 2022 and am working on an ongoing plan of my own property (home demo garden) and the problem is happening again except this time no matter what I do the issue will not resolve itself. Is it a bug? Is it a simple button I accidentally clicked that is making the plan not accept the Plant Style I have set for the plant? It is extremely frustrating. 

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Where do I do this? I do not use the VW Plant Catalog or whatever it is called because I am on the California coast and the majority of the existing plants in the program are not ones we would ever use. I just created my own library of plants in a master library document I created and import them from there. It has worked fine for me for the 9 or so years I have been using VW. Going into the plant tool I don't see any options to choose size by definition rather than instance.

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