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Save fails keep getting error messages

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I have a file, and it seems to be specific to this file, that occasionally when I save I get some kind of failed error message.

See attached.

If I Save As, and select the file I'm working on it saves over it no problem.

There's plenty of room on the drive.

I save a new version almost every day.

This is saving to my local hard drive in my One Drive folder specific to this project.

Again it's only this file. I have other files for this project in the same folder, or sub folders that do not have this issue.

This 21 I have not switched to 22 yet.



vw read only.jpg

vw free space.jpg

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I assume it would work to save the file on your Desktop (?)

Then something with read and write rights.


Not experienced with One Drive.

So my only idea is that file or path does use any special characters that

OS/One Drive have problems with ????

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It's a folder on my hard drive, and it's only this file.

I have lots of files I work out of on the same hard drive, same folder hierarchy within the one drive folder.

To me it's not a onedrive thing. It's a VW thing related to this specific file.



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