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Roofs and Solid Subtraction


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I have been trying to model a pitched roof that abuts a curved wall. I would like to use the dormer tool and therefore have to keep the roof as a roof object (as opposed to two roof faces). I have subtracted a solid (the same contour as the curved wall) from the roof but get one roof face plus the solid I was intending to be the subtracted solid when I render. If I enter the solid subtraction everythings there it just seems to get muddled. Is something corrupted or am I missing something. Any help for a beginner much appreciated.

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Cheers Robert,

This feature will be useful but it still seems to leave ridge and eave lines in place if your 2D shape passes over them. The solid subtraction I was trying does remove these and the roof is still intact inside the solid subtraction. Unfortunatly you lose the colour etc. in plan and the drawing I have been working on today does not seem to like it. Maybe subtracting a solid from a roof object is not something the programmers intended users to do?


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Dan, I don't know what version you're using, but with 11.5 it does not show 3D ridge and eave lines unless you cut more than one roof plane -and- the eave with the cutting shape. You can cut mulitple planes and get no ribs as long as you don't cut across the eave. OR, you can cut the eave (as long as you're not crossing a hip line) and get no ribs. The other is a bug that I'll enter.

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Dan, I have to admit that I'm not a major user of the dormer tool, but what if you modeled your roof with the roof face tool, dormer location clipped from the 2D poly before face creation . . . and then used the roof tool on just the clipped area to produce a dormer?

Too awkward?

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Thanks for the various suggestions. Have been using the "hidden" feature to chop roofs. The only drawbacks I have found are

1. The outline of the roof still shows in plan view - not too much of a problem as have been laying rendered viewport of roofs only say over site plan - but still an added hastle.

2. The handles that get you into the parameters dialog box cannot be used if they fall in an area that has been cut out.

Hopefully these items will be sorted out in later version, until then they can be got around.



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