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How to temporarily disable Data Visualizations in Design Layer editing?

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Hello all!


In the graphic below I have a viewport (A) with a data visualization applied that makes existing walls appear without a hatch or fill and new walls apply with their respective hatches and fills. These are defined by the class in which the wall is located i.e. existing or new. In (B) I have a section viewport without any Data Visualizations applied so the wall hatches appear in this view. However, (C) when I edit section in place of (B) I am no longer able to see the walls as hatched because the Data Visualizations are visible.


I should add that the walls in (B) are still on the same classes from (A). Viewport (B) was created by going to the design layer in viewport (A) and using the clip cube to isolate the view I wanted and then creating a viewport from that clip cube.


Is there a way I can temporarily disable the Data Visualization applied on (A) so that I can editing the attribute mapping of the walls in (C). Is this a cause of me originally generating the section (B) from viewport (A)?


Sorry if this is overly complicated/confusing. Firmly aware that this may simply be an issue of me operating in a less than standard way in the program. Not certain if these are the ways the mentioned tools and commands were meant to be utilized.


Thanks for any help!



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