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Doors and Windows need a 'Classification' reference field



We currently use one of the User Fields for the Classification Reference, e.g. Ss_25_30_95 for Windows.


This then feeds into 'Type'.'Category' in the COBie spreadsheet via the Data Manager.


However, like the Wall, it would be useful to have a 'Cost Code Index' entry field for Doors and Windows for this field, or in the UK 'Classfication' or 'Specification Reference'.

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What would I think could be even more beneficial is if we can assign custom field information similar to the way material information can be called out. Those fields can be used a multitude number of ways not just limiting to cost code index. Below is an example screenshot for custom fields in a material. Would be great to have similar conditions for walls, windows, doors and floors. What do you think?



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I agree.  We could come up with a whole list of inconsistencies in VW tools, UI, etc.  My "favorite" is that the checkmark to select a Sheet Layer is on the right, and to select a Design Layer it's on the left (or the other way around).  Despite posting to and voting on the Wishlist, I think we will continue to rely on workarounds for a lot of the inconsistencies.

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That was why i used the analogy of the material type. Since it is already a "plugin" object - it should remember the custom class configurations as you saved it without having to add an additional record to the window or door. COBie is just one additional custom element. There are quite a few more - include UL designs, noise isolation class, impact rating,  and / or other ANSI design categories fenestration need to comply with. Masterspec can be another for classification, perhaps closers or custom hardware for doors / windows. The list keeps going 🙂

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