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Sometimes as we post a feature request, we are not aware the same feature (or similar features) was already submitted in previous posts.


Hence, it would be good if:

(1) moderator or AI combines these same or similar posts 

(2) if a poster later realises there is a similar post in the past, be given the ability to request the posts to be combined 

(3) all combined posts should combine the upvotes too 


Also, in terms of old unprocessed posts:

(a) all unprocessed posts with 5 upvotes or more should be revisited by the moderators on a yearly basis. 
(b) reason for the unprocessed posts should be given: eg  ‘already addressed in version 2024’, ‘under review’, ‘engineering infeasible’, ‘in future roadmap’, ‘awaiting more upvotes’…. Etc.


It’s can be very discouraging to see posts that have up to say 10 upvotes, sitting here in the forum for 5-10 years, still not acknowledged or addressed. 


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