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Structural Member usability improvements



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On 12/13/2021 at 7:40 PM, LarryO said:

8. This is a very useful one and should be a wishlist item of its own. Have a Viewport type which can generate a beam or symbol from the definition. (for placement on sheet layers) Talking 3d here and all the various views that the basic Viewport can display. This creates an easy means to annotate each beam and symbol. Avoids possibly hundreds of classes and or layers being required to control visibility. The current process of laying out beams for a structure is still required but all the layout of each beam would be tremendously simplified and can utilize templates for annotation. One only needs to remember that all symbols and beams be created at their internal origin for best functionality.


9. Having the Viewport mentioned above being able to tap into the member id and or symbol name to facilitate automatic labeling. Or would that be the other way around where labels in the Viewport tap into those ids and names?


Would it be possible to PM me examples of drawings sheets you usually create like this?

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1 hour ago, Mark Aceto said:


I would like to upvote this VE but I don't see it.

I believe that VE reference number is an internal Enhancement tracking number for Vectorworks staff, tying their internal tracking system back to the Wishlist request item on the user forum.

All we end users see on the forum is just that number which refers to this thread. If you upvoted this thread at the upper left, then you have already upvoted it.

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On 12/13/2021 at 4:40 PM, LarryO said:

10. Profile size should be editable as a pull down at the root level of the OI, not embedded behind a shape selection button.


Not to mention the complete workflow:

  1. Copy VW Library folder/file to User Library
  2. Open library file
  3. Duplicate Wide Flange symbol, and rename
  4. Edit Wide Flange (PIO)
  5. Save library file
  6. Refresh libraries
  7. Then... select that file from the OIP Settings


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