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Railing/Fence Top Rail issues

Tom W.


I don't use the Railing/Fence Tool much + when I have I don't think I've used a top rail so I don't know if this is a new or known issue.


I have created a railing which uses this profile for the top rail:




When it is drawn horizontally the top rail displays fine in 2D + 3D but when I draw it at an angle the top rail is displayed rotated in 3D:


1492747363_Screenshot2021-12-13at08_05_57.thumb.png.986fc03a34fd762cfc860e84ed92659c.png     1335521348_Screenshot2021-12-13at08_05_24.thumb.png.94cc0d35c8595b56aa23032dc993d832.png


In 2D it looks fine:




Are others experiencing the same? Is it a known issue or should I submit a bug? @Matt Panzer?


Note: the same happens using the standard profiles as well.

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From UK Tech Support:


"We have escalated this to the Developer Team and hopefully it will be fixed in next Service Pack for Vectorworks 2022 to be released later this month. This is the case number of your escalation VB-184532 (in case it is not solved in the next service pack)."

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