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Request - Add Linetype to Centerline of component in walls and slabs

Samuel Derenboim


Currently, when doing wall details for wall type components there are portions of a wall that need some extra graphic representation in order to differentiate all other wood stud wall types (i.e. ones with batt insulation, continuous insulation, etc..) or even a sound attenuation blanket. Sometimes the user needs to add extra information to the 'centerline' of a component. Currently, only each edge of a component can have a line type - right pen and left pen. This post is asking for a 'centerline' pen. The reason therebeing is because all other methods have severe limitations to workflow. Let me explain.


Other options that are available are - Use specific hatches and / or use a tile. Granted, Tiling is a very useful function when working only with vectorworks. however, when sharing sections plans or elevations with consultants - tiles are converted to bitmaps which makes them useless in other programs. Therefore its use is unfortunately ruled out if working with consultants.


There is also the use of different hatches representing different components. However, hatches are very difficult to create from scratch, and sometimes even imported hatch tiles that are complex (like batt insulation) or cumbersome. That is why the solution above comes to mind.


Using a linetype is exportable, stable, and very easy to create with using a single backdrop for a core component material. Therefore, I thought of using a linetype as shown below:




This however caused a problem when doing sections. If the component is 'flipped' - the right side can appear to be on the left side, and therefore it flips the linetype as shown below.




The same thing can be done for slab components and roof components because the problem essentially is the same. Using linetypes in the centerline of a 'slab' component would be that much easier to represent. centerline of components even when flipped would generate a seamless linetype regardless of the side it is cut. Hence the request.


Let me know what you think !

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