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3d dimensioning in Hidden Line not showing...

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On 2022/Big Sur now. I'm trying to understand why 3d dimensions in hidden line disappear. As I scroll in or out, dimensions show up but then vanish. I never had this issue on previous releases. Works fine in Wireframe and Shaded. I'm working on one simple design layer. I exported the file back to 2021 and have no issues with this problem. Simple fix? Thanks in advance for any help.

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 3.02.41 PM.png

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Confirming for v2022, 2d and 3d-

In Design Layer views (except Top/Plan), Dimensions and text objects drawn on Design layer render blank in Hidden Line and Dashed Hidden Line. Dimension linework renders properly, but the dim text, leaders, trailers, notes are hidden. They display during Flyover and flash on at start of rerender.  This obtains for text/dim objects on both Layer Plane and on 3d planes.

The HL render options include option for Display Text and Markers.  Toggle this option has no effect.


Workaround (very strange)

  1. Change render to Dashed Hidden Line . Result - dim & text render blank here. But never fear!
  2. Change back to Hidden Line and the dims/text/markers display as expected.  All good (change flyover, zoom, etc) until rerender in HL.
  3. Test - Change render to Shade or other, and back to HL. Result is hidden text. Change to Dashed HL, then back to HL displays the text.
  4. I have no workaround to make the dims/text display in Dashed HL 3d views.


Extending - 

Design layer Dims and text displayed in Sheet Layer Viewport display as expected if VP is rendered HL.  Option (OIP) for Display Text and Markers functions as expected - Toggle it off, the dimension text, markers and text objects are hidden. Dimension linework remains visible in either state of the option.


Bug, me thinks.  Seems kinda basic, but I don't recall seeing earlier report.





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