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Ability to control thickness of Slabs with Levels



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My understanding is that there are some components in a slab that would be relative to levels, others to be proprietary like the wall type below. Some are relative to levels, others to the slab. With a wall however, the thicknesses of components never change. Only their depth does - which isn't really called out on schedules.


But what about slabs? When called out on a schedule and a component has different thicknesses, you would have the same slab type appear multiple times on a worksheet if it is to be summarized - however you cannot change any other parametric information like description, additives, etc... to it. This feature would mostly be limited to footings and step foundations, which would definitely be a time saver for sure - but there are are other tools that can do just the same without having to use the slab tool for structural elements.


(of course this is an assumption on my part, is this what you would use it for?)





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Good point. I hadn't considered schedules. I think we'd want to be able to choose to present them in one of two ways: multiple times for each variant or once as a range (e.g. 50-150). Each variant would obviously need to be identified in some fashion, as a subset of the main style (e.g. -1, -2, and so on).


One example I would want to be able to use this feature for suspended ceilings for instance, where the only thing that varies is the void space. In a current project, instead of having 18 styles for suspended ceilings, we could have 1 or 2.


Another example is that to use it for concrete down stands in a concrete frame building, for instance, where the depth of down stand (e.g. to a balcony or to provide masonry support) may not matter so much as the actual level of the bottom edge. In a current project, instead of having 28 styles for down stands, we could have 1.

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I understand what you mean now. I've tried using the beam tool, but that's not easily modifiable in terms of depth. The slab tool has to be modified independently from levels in order to adjust its thickness as well. The only other thing i haven't tried would be to use geometry and tie its thickness / width / height to a tag. Not exactly the same thing, but maybe a close second? 🙂


Also, its important to note - the would only be one component in a slab tool that would be able to change in thickness, otherwise the tool would break...It wouldn't know how to distribute the thicknesses for multiple components.

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