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Moving away from using Screen plane


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56 minutes ago, Elite Exhibits said:



You noted : Just about as easy to go to your saved views and generate new viewports from there.




¿ If you have a Saved View that fits the need, why generate a new viewport ?



In this specific case I think they wanted to be able to not use the Annotations Group of viewports. So they needed a way to return to a "screen aligned" plane so the annotations would should up correctly. That would be a Saved View.


But they they also wanted a way to compose multiple details on a single sheet. That would be viewports.


So use the Saved View to return the the Design Layer to be able to work. Revised work will show up in Viewport.


In this case they wanted to be able to duplicate the viewport and change from say a Front to a Left view.  Since this is all "2D"  they would need to edit the classes and layer visibilities and modify the crop to show the correct part of the drawing.  That is why I said it was easier to generate a new viewport rather than duplicate.  The Saved view already exists and you are not doing anything in the Annotations, so just recreate.


This is not a workflow I would ever use myself, but it seemed like the best option based on the limitations I was told existed.





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Which Geometry are you asking about?


The general model can certainly be "turned" using  the flyover or walkthrough tools or the preset views mapped to the number pad. 


Or you can actually move the model using the Rotate tools and menu commands.


If you are talking about the "screen facing" objects put on as annotations or viewport crop frames, then no, there is no easy way to make them follow to another view except to turn on the Legacy 2D options and actually use screen plane.


Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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I find that the Legacy Screen Plane appears to resets it self. (¿ Something I do ? / something automated ?)

Here is an example where the Worksheet  appeared on the Layer Plane ( ¿ a useless location ?)So... added steps to correct, what once was not an issue.


Mac OS 11.6.5  - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022

Suggestions ?



Legacy Re Set.png

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I know that if you open a file from a previous version that contains screen plane objects then the Legacy 2D Screen Plane option is turned on.


I assume (and we all know what that means and happens when you do that) that if you bring in a resource that contains screen plane object (likely a symbol from a library) then Legacy 2D Screen Plane will be turned on also.


Other than that I have no idea.

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