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Hip to Gable problem


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Having designed a roof with 'create from walls' and then modified all but one hip to gables. For some reason VWA does not see the final gable properly.

Hopefully this is enough info to get a suggestion on how to 'modify', 'edit' or otherwise change the last hip to a gable.

The gable in question: It's basically an 'L' shaped house. If you looked at the 'L' laying down with the toe pointing down, at the right and left ends of the horizontal are gables (the right one being the problem) and then the toe of the 'L' is also a gable.


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If you'll add vertices and slightly offset the portion of the roof where you want the gable, I think you'll get what you want. The problem VWA is having is it sees the entire "sole" of your "boot" as one roof surface with no place to break for a gable. You need to create that break point. (You could just add the vertex to the underlying polygon, but it's harder to see where the gable's going to end up.)

Good luck,

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Here's what i have tried so far. (Without success) First I drew a new polygon, added a vertex at the point in the sole wher the gable should begin (beyond mid point of sole) and tried that. Then turned the wall that determined the sole to a guide and redrew it in two segments with the segment determining the gabled portion offset .1 feet.

I'll go back and try with more offset, but if I am 'barking up the wrong tree' please let me know.

Thanks again

Edit: Have now tried a half inch offset to the sole portion determining the gable and still VWA cannot recognize it. I have done this by using the same segmented wall method from above. suppose Ill try it agin this time with a polygon and offset that portion of the poly the same.

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