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Could be too detailed ...


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I am considering 'building' kitchen cabinets in VWA. What I mean by that is:

Create hybrid objects which would represent carcass materials, face frames, door stiles and rails, door panels, countertop, etc.

The idea would be to create one symbol for each component of a typical cabinet and then literally build the cabinets in VWA including necessary mortises, dados, etc and a complete dimensioned cut list.

Instead of creating these items as symbols, could they be created as parametrics?

Any ideas you may have of things not mentioned please fill me in.

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Why attempt to re-invent the wheel - you would easily chew up more than the cost of InteriorCad in the time it would take to develop just a fraction of what you want.

InteriorCad is US$900 - If you value your time at say US$30 per hour this will give you a break even point of just 30 hours. If your time is worth more then it will be even less hours.

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i have been using interiorCAD for a few months now and I can tell you that if you want to do Kitchen cabinets there is nothing close. It makes cabinets as detailed as you need for a cutting list and quote.

It is so quick to create a cutting list and a quote that you will save time. Of course if you want to write your own Plug-in object that does this, then put aside a couple of years to develop it and get it right....

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Well I must say you folks have set me straight. Yes, my time is billed at considerably more than $30/hr.

I have 'applied' for the demo download but as yet have not received their email with instructions for downloading the demo.

The only real stumbling block is my better half and I have been putting out considerable sums of $'s lately (on various things) and I know there'll be quite a diplomacy session ahead.

For now am just anxious to get the demo. I'm surprised the email response from InteriorCAD is so slow in coming. Would have thought it to be an auto responder type thing. It's been a couple days now since 'asking' for it.

Thank you folks (all)

EDIT! Is there an InteriorCAD discussion forum somewhere?

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Just me again ....

A search here in the VWA forum pulled up an earlier post of mine regarding IC which contained the link to the demo download page.

Now I am searching for documentation regarding the limitations of the demo. Can't deem to find it anywhere.

Any help anyone?

Thank you

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For now, I would like a better 'Kitchen' designer than is offered in VWA. The cut lists (etc) hawked by InteriorCAD sound very intriguing.

Thanks for that re the demo limitations. Finally got IC 1.5 installed last night and discovered the size limitation. Still need to do more 'playing' with it to see how sleek it is.

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