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Customizing Device Appearances


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I've created a device on my latest drawing and the socket labels are all on top of each other, mostly due to the length of the names.  I can certainly edit the device after creation and reformat the socket layout so that they read clearly but I don't see a way to save the device with the new formatting so that it is reusable on later drawings.  The device is showing up in my Resource Manager but with the 'generic' device symbol (as a "3D point plug-in object") and no formatting changes.  Can my formatting changes be saved to the Resource Manager for reuse later?


I also would like to change the default appearance & size of the box surrounding the sockets to a rounded rectangle that is wider.  Is there a way to customize the size for all devices made?


Here's a screen capture of a couple of devices with a custom Device Symbol I've created showing the issues and how I'd like them to look.  The device labeled "DSP-02" is what was created using the Device Builder tool.  You'll see the text spacing between the left and right sockets are too close and the GPIO In/Outs are on top of each other.  That clearly doesn't work.  After editing, the device labeled "DSP-03" has clean text spacing and a different surrounding box.  Can the spacing and size & appearance be changed from the defaults the Device Builder uses to match the changes I have done?  Can this Device be saved to the Resource Manager for use on other drawings?


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5 hours ago, Conrad Preen said:

Hi @ChollyO


Well you can set the minimum width of devices in the Device Builder preferences. The Device Builder will try to figure out a width to accommodate long socket names but the calculation can be off a little for some fonts / point sizes - it's not perfect.

That definitely works, but how about customizing the shape of the surrounding box or saving for future use as well?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @ChollyO,


47 minutes ago, ChollyO said:

I suppose that the default surrounding shape will always be a square-cornered rectangle though, which can only be changed/edited after Device creation, correct?

- if you are using VW 2022 you can locate the Basic Device symbol in your file, edit it, edit the device it it and change its layout to rounded rectangle instead of regular rectangle. Then you will get this shape drawn by default from the Device Builder and the Device tool. The Basic Device symbol serves as a provider for the default graphics/data for newly created devices.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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