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Greyed OIP settings


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Yes, the OIP actually says 'door in wall'. I tried dragging the door from the wall and reinserting it, deleting the door and creating a new one, as well as created doors from the 'door' tool and the resource browser. If my memory serves me (I'll have to get back on this) I believe the Resouce door worked ok but the tool door had problems.

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Jonathon this a new one on me.

Are you saying that if you have ctreated a Class of 'Door' it somehow conflicts with the door PIO?


Are you suggesting that the program spontaneously creates a class of 'Door' which then prevents the PIO from working properly?

If the Class 'Door' is renamed by the user will the problem go away, oe does one actully need to delete the Class and start again with a new Class for the doors not named 'Door'?

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I've learned to be careful not to name any two things exactly the same. Most of the files that I've eventually become frustrated with because things start behaving wierdly (now there's a useful, specific description, don't you think?!), have had at least one instance of duplicate nomenclature.

Perhaps this is what Jonathon is observing.

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Avoid using 'reserved' names and phrase. Normally VW will notify if such is the case from entered from a dialog but not from the standard menus unless a duplicate exists. Strings are reserved like 'window', 'door', 'wall' ...goto organize>custom selection>select>type =is= then look at the list of options. These are the reserved strings used by PIO.

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