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Font issues

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I've been so confident about font issues, I've even posted advice here. BUT, not today. Even I've had troubles getting the font I want to remain the "default" font.

Supposedly, (and even most of the time for me) the default process works like this: with the arrow selection tool active and NO objects selected (OIP is blank), pull down the Font menu and select your preferred font. A small checkmark will appear next to it. Do the same for alignment, style, etc. Then double-check this change to the default settings by selecting the dimension or text tool. Pulling down the font-related menus should reveal the checkmark.

Trouble is, sometimes the previous default somehow overrides my settings *and* I can't get it to repeat predictably! After a few times of resetting the dimensions or the text I've typed, the new default finally "sticks" and everythings fine for the rest of the session.

Go figure and good luck,

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If you have 11 then use the eyedropper tool and check the box "set custom defaults' after you set it on a block of text that is the right font.

of course ensure all the text obtions are checked as well.

I have set up a keyboard key for this tool to do this,it may be a work around.

This may help

Regards Brendan

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Thanks Travis, I set my defaults this way now and I proceeded to do it several more times with the same results. The default font keeps going to Lucida Grande.

When I select the dimension tool it retains the Graphite font but when I select the text tool my font changes in the OIP before typing anything.

Thanks Brendan, the eydropper tool makes the "JOB" of changing the font quicker.

But why do I have to do this whole thingy in the first place?

Still puzzled [Confused]

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I located the problem, the fonts that won't stay put are all grouped at the end of the list of fonts. There is no problem with the fonts above this group.

Adobe Support Knowledgebase site (www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/324032.html) addresses this issue of a group of fonts at the end of a list.

Solution: Change each font's WritingScript to Roman.

Thanks and good luck.


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