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Exterior walls in hidden line not rendering elevations



Only one shared file is affected in exterior walls not rendering in hidden line (see attached elevation render). However, when you go to the plan and select a wall with a window and provide a solid fill (to the window), that portion of the exterior elevation or 3D model then shows the exterior wall.  All other walls (without windows or doors) have a solid fill but won't render. Not sure how to fix this one file and hoping to get forum's help.  We noticed this occurred only after updating to latest VWA 2022 SP2 (Mac, running Big Sur) recently.


Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 1.15.44 PM.png

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@spdygnzls, as you indicate this symptom only happens with this file, it might be just a function of a now-corrupt file or object and not due to the software. There are some processes that can correct corrupt data, such as: 


Cut the suspect object (or use Copy, then delete it), then use Edit > Paste In Place. 




Cut the suspect object (or use Copy, then delete it), open a new blank document, then use Edit > Paste In Place. Copy it again, then paste it 'in place' back into the original file. 




Export the file to a prior Vectorworks file version: File > Export > Vectorworks 20XX, then reopen it in the current version. 




Import the objects into a new blank document: 

  1. Go: File > New… > Create blank document 
  2. Open the Organisation dialogue. 
  3. In the Design Layer tab, choose 'New…' 
  4. Select the 'Import Design Layers' radio button. 
  5. Check the 'Import Layer Objects' checkbox. 
  6. Click the 'Choose…' button and select your file, then the Design Layers concerned. 

Note: This process won't import Sheet Layers or their content but you might just use this process as a way to correct the corrupt data, then copy or import it back into your original file. There is a way to do this manually, but it's not officially supported and you'll have to search the Forum for the technique. 

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