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Callout tool--how usefull is it?

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What are the pros and cons of the callout tool and it's properties? I'm from the old school and use text blocks and arrows. Does anyone use the database feature that is connected to VW Architect?

Some of my students like the old way with manual text and arrows, but I'd like to convince them that the callout tool is the best choice. Any thoughts out there regarding this?

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I use the call out tool a lot, mostly with the database option, but not always. The nice thing is that it takes the same time to type in a note as it does to add the note to the database.

When it comes to making up a demolition plan I find the call out tool with the databse and the keynote option really useful. So often in projects you get repeating notes:

?Remove existing door for later re-use. Fome in opening and make good?

that note can be stored in the database and used really quickly.

Some notes are easier to type, but you can still use the call out tool for this.

Ah, i almost forgot, you can set your preferences for the callout tool so that it always draws the same arrow, arrow size, angle, and you can control the line weight of the arrow head separate from the arrow line...

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Markus, you asked for pros and cons. Here's a starter list:


1. You can place text and leader with a single tool operation instead of two.

2. You can reshape text and leader in a single operation without having to use the reshape tool and a double selection.

3. Database content lookup (if you want it).

4. Keynote referencing (if you want it).

5. Lasso end marker (not available in standard line styles).

6. Arc and bezier leader styles.


1. You can't set the style of a subselection of the text to be different from the text as a whole.

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we are just beginning to look at the callout tool in conjunction with a databse of drawing notes. it seems like a good tool, but has some weaknesses (which i will be adding to the wishlist):

there appears to be no control over the numbering of the general notes, or key notes legend, text blocks. we would like to have the option to either turn the numbers off, or change the numbers to suit our needs (perhaps number them according to CSI format)

it would also be nice to be able to sort the notes in either of those text blocks. let's say after editing them to be able to sort them according to a number system.

but overall it seems an excellent tool to save time and remove error levels...

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hidden cloud,

when you first go to place a callout, cilck on the preferences button on the mode bar and change your preferences, I change all of them so that the callout suits my style better.

just in case you weren't aware of it, you can do the same thing with all plug-ins that have preferences.. If you do this in a new file then save it as your default template, you won't have to do it again.

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