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Help with duplicate items

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can anyone help with this issue:     I have multiple objects, lines, symbols, etc on one layer and I have many of the identical objects on another layer.  However the same objects/lines/symbols are not on both layers.  Is there a way to merge the two layers into one layer and make sure that all the objects/lines/symbols are present, but that none of them are duplicated ?

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Oooh kayy? this might work if you are patient?? :


For safety, make a duplicate of layer A (call it A.1) and work with this new layer.

Or port these two layers to a new blank file and work with them there.

  1. Draw a big rectangle surrounding all objects in A.1.  Select all and Group.
  2. Set Layer Vis to A.1=visible, B= gray. Hide all other layers.
  3. Select the group and offset it by a small known amount, eg x=1,y=1, enough to reveal the gray objects in Layer B
  4. Edit the group with Show other Objects pref enabled. Wherever any Layer B gray object is visible, delete the corresponding object in A.1.  Repeat until no replicants are visible.
  5. Blink Test: Rapidly and repeatedly toggle the quick Pref for Show other Objects to test whether replicants are present.
  6. Exit the group. Offset the group to original position, eg x=-1, y=-1.
  7. Move the group to Layer B.
  8. Final testsMove the group Front/Back (or Delete/Undo) a few times to verify optically that the objects are unique.
  9. Ungroup. Delete the rectangle.
  10. Rename the original Layer A and archive. Or delete Layer A. If desired, rename Layer A.1 to A.







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