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Send to surface only half working



Hi  I'm new to modelling but I'm working with a sloping garden and need to get it right.
I have done the house walls and various other boundary walls but when I do send to surface it only sends part of the wall.  I created the walls as one so why has it split them and sent some bits and not others?

Please help I'm ready to throw the PC out of the window!!


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You might be better, rather than using Send to Surface on the Walls, to set the Layer Elevation for the design layer that the Walls are on to something appropriate for the terrain i.e. set the layer elevation to just below ground level so the bottom of the walls are buried in the ground somewhat as they would be in reality.

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Thanks Tom, that's helpful.  Bit of a phaff as I was hoping vwks could take the maths out of my hands 😉  Nonetheless I can do that so it's a quickish fix.
Any thought on why send to surface works on some bits of wall but not others?  I wondered if I'd done something wrong...

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I'm not sure why some of your walls stayed on the ground plane. When I try it all the walls go to the surface of the site model. But I don't think Send to Surface is the best command to use with Walls. You wouldn't normally want the bottom of your walls to follow the terrain like that. Plus it messes up the heights. Normally you'd give a wall a bottom offset + a top offset relative to the terrain. Given the slope on your site + the length of the wall I'd say look at the 'Create Stepped Wall...' command. This will quite quickly generate what I think you're looking for

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