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Better 3D Move and 3D Rotate Tools



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… yes please more love for 3D!


i also want to have the 3D View Cube that AutoCAD has, to manage view.





This Cube is close to a perfect UI-design.

Totally understandable for a noob who use it the first time!


I dunno if Autodesk have a patent for this, but i think a similar

design / option must be makable.


… and yes a Gumball option like Rhino offers is also much needed!








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A BIG up arrow for this!


Ease of 3D modeling is certainly not VW strong point. 

But hopefully we can move forward and get some solid tools in the future - and a gumball for all 3D would be welcome.


On 12/9/2021 at 12:03 PM, zoomer said:

Just for Subdivisions only 😄

This drives me crazy... we often have the tools, but they only work in very limited instances!


Also, every time I can't just grab generic solids points and edges I'm just dumbfounded! - I know we're derived from the 'push/pull school of modeling' - but sticking to your guns when it's less efficient doesn't make sense.

And again, we can 'push pull' edges in subdivisions! 


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I miss so much my Microstation Accu Draw Compass.

(Unfortunately, AFAIK is patented)


Move your cursor along (about) one Axis in 3D, so it was sure your next numerical input

was meant exactly along that preselceted Axis only.

Move your cursor along (about) one Axis, hit ENTER and both other Axes were locked

(reliably) so you could snap anywhere to in 3D Space, but move in delta length along

your desired Axis only.

(without the need for a tedious and unreliable "T" key which is basically not meant at all

for this, or the even more unreliable "SHIFT" which practically works only for Walls)


Or snap to anything (along one or more axes) and Press "O" and the "UCS" is zeroed

so you can go n meters from this new origin.

(Yes there is a "G" key in VW, but I tried so many times, I can't get it working for me

still after 8 years !)

So basically you can jump from point to point after each other in 3D Space and finally

add your delta distance from there.


At least I have such a Gizmo in Bricscad if I need. By a "longer" click on an Object it will

appear at the nearest vertex, can be relocated and also in ACAD environment, finally

allows to move reliably along a single Axis.


While in VW there would be single Axis lock in VW already, e.g. in NURBS surface Editing.

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Hi zoom,


i like the Sketchup solution for locking the axis.


In SKP you can lock axis with the arrow keys.

press arrow up locks z-axis, press arrow up again unlock z

arrow left locks x-axis, unlocking pressing again

arrow right locks y-axis, unlocking pressing again

arrow down locks a custom direction (depends on where your cursor is at the moment:

on a line, surface, …)


This is for me a almost perfect solution for locking. Totally understandable and everywhere available with less mouse movement.

The locking is always related to the actual orientation of the current axis.

…. as i mentioned before: no reinvention of the wheel is needed.

i think this solution would satisfy a lot of people.




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And while on locking movement in 3D ---


Has anyone noticed that if your interactive origin point at anytime goes "off screen" it reverts to some random point in the middle of nowhere?!

..then when you next rotate all hell breaks loose.


It's all these little hiccups in the 3D navigation and modeling that make me (sometimes) wish I was still using an autodesk product...

AD obviously have their numerous issues too - but all their 3D products (Maya, MAX, Inventor, Revit - even Fusion 360) are pretty bomb proof as far as modeling ease of use. 


,,,did I just type that autodesk has decent 'ease of use'!!!  yikes!

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what i also don't like is the behaviour for 3D working-plane, if you use the automatic mode.

It feels ...

... not really, how it should /could be!


Sketchup (again as example) is way more stable with drawing in 3D and on other existing geometry.

… maybe it is because in SKP you have a 3D-only application.


VW is more a hybrid of 2D + 3D.


… but i think the journey to full 3D begun with VW 2022.


Because they begin to move features like screen-plane orientation into a storeroom!

(only my supposition!)


… hope we can get a progress for a better snapping to 3D solution.

I'm optimistic!


/ / / 


What i also noticed, is if you set a custom working-plane in 3d.

Sometimes the orientation of the axis is wrong (related to the

standard axis on 0,00)!



- Draw a wall with the wall tool.

- try to set a custom working-plane on one side, and then on the other side.


on one side: x an y is correct

on the other side: x and y is wrong!?


Same with 3D solids ...

... some sides produce wrong axis orientation, you have to correct it manually.

… no one needs such a behaviour!


Should the axis orientation not be the same in every way?


… and why the heck, we can't snapp to the axis 0,00 in 3D?




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