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Drawing label scale alignment


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2021 has been annoying me with this. Where is my Scale Alignment choice? This used to be so easy. Select alignment, text size, all right here.2020.jpg.9dcf46f8642a684d776c88db443a23fc.jpg


But now there is this and I have to go digging and edit text size etc instead of simply doing that right on the front of the pallete. I haven't found a way to align my text to the right, under the line.





I'm having to pull drawing labels from 2020 documents to use in 2021 in order to make my drawings look like they always have because I haven't figured out if there is even this ability in 2021 anymore.


Anyone know anything on this?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @KenD,


You should be able to make any changes to the text objects inside of a drawing label, including alignment. Just edit the drawing label layout, select the text object that you want to modify and make your changes. For more information check the help site here - https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FAnnotation%2FCreating_drawing_labels.htm&rhsearch=drawing label&rhhlterm=drawing label&rhsyns= label


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Thank you Nikolay, I have looked through these and tried all of the different selections and angles to go at this. I have tried directly editing the text but there is still no choice I have found to position the text of the scale below and to the right of the lines. I can select a style to have the text under the line, but found nothing that allows me to select where the scale text is positioned left to right.


If you look at the first image I posted. This is the 2020 object info palette. You can clearly see there is a selection for scale alignment. This can be selected as "right" which puts the scale to the right of the label...where I have always placed it for years.


The second picture is 2021. That selection and the easy access text choices are gone. Although I think it has been made more difficult by having to directly edit the object in 2021, I can deal with that, but I dont find the ability, specifically, to align the scale text to the right of the label.


I've had to open 2020, create the drawing/scale label styles I want with the scale text to the right, save that file, open it in 2021 and save that as sort of a template to use for drawing labels. 2021 recognizes these labels and doesn't ruin them, but I haven't been able to just make one in 2021 like this. If you can specifically identify how I can make drawing labels look like this, in 2021, I would appreciate it. See below...seems pretty simple to me...or it should be, and was. I hold out that I could just be missing it somewhere tucked in some other spot someone decided was better.



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