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Commands In Quick Search



Everybody loves the new Quick Search in VWX 2022. It's my favorite new feature. After Effects has a similar plugin from Video Co-Pilot called "FX Console" and it's a game changer when you start using it. So really happy the devs over at VWX have started implementing. 


Ok guys imagine a world where you could use Quick Search to do simple actions. Simply adding menu options for some of these would enable them in quick search. I was surprised there wasn't a menu bar item for "New Class", for example. 


I am always trying to spend less time on the mouse and more on the keyboard!


Some examples:

  • Type "create class" --> the new class window opens up
  • Type "sheet name" --> you would navigate to that sheet layer
  • Type "design layer name" --> you would navigate to that design layer


More complex examples with multiple steps:

  • Type "edit class" --> quick search prompts you for class name --> type class --> editor opens up on selection


Hundreds of ways this could be used. I'll keep the thinking cap on and add more examples as they come up, and I encourage you to, too!


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I love Quick Search too! (It came out in 2021 btw). I agree there could be additional things added - creating a new class is a great example.


It sounds like you'd be a fan of the command line in AutoCAD 😉 


Another thing related to Quick Search is that it was advertised as learning about your tendencies the more you use it, meaning results you've selected before would be prioritized in the future. However this has never worked, and it always resets between sessions... Hopefully they fix that at some point.

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Meant to update this from info I gathered on another thread: Any scripted command you create and add to the menus (i.e., move selected objects to the none class), it will show up in your quick search. So with this example, if you create a command script that is “create new class” and add it as a menu command, it will show up in quick search. 

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