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attaching records to symbols in libraries that will follow symbol when inserted into new project file


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Data tags are neat and I've made a simple record to attach to various plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures and appliances so that I can automatically generate worksheet fixture schedules and data tag labels, but the records are not following the symbol from the workgroup library into the active drawing file.


Am I missing a step?  How do I make these stick?

The only work around I've been able to make work is to make overall symbols of sets of symbols - kitchen package, for example - to embed the symbols with their record formats into the larger symbol of sets.

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2 hours ago, JenWilliamson said:

but the records are following the symbol from the workgroup library into the active drawing file.

Not sure I understand what’s going on but I think you either need to make sure when you place a symbol you are getting it from the active file not the version in the workgroup which doesn’t have the updated record info. 

Or you’ve only edited the record info attached to symbol instances not the symbol definition. If you edit the info to the definition then it will be attached to the symbol when you insert it in your dwg.


To edit or add info to the definitions right click the symbol in the RM and select “attach record”.

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Once you get to the "Attach Record" dialogue, as described above, put a tick next to the record you want to attach and with that record selected hit "Edit values"


The data you input will now replace the default record field data and will be inserted into the file with the symbol. image.png.8ccc62e324f8bf76ff82144362872c8f.png



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