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Plant Spread Changes Automatically


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I can not find what I did and how to set it back, that now all plants I place in my drawing, spread changes automatically to 4 meters. Any plant, bigger or smaller. In OIP "Style spread" - the correct measurement, but "Spread" = 4m - and field is active. If I open new document, all is good with sizes, also in OIP "Spread" - is gray/inactivated. Any suggestions here how can I change settings? 🙂 


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi, what version are you working in? If you're before 2022, the issue is probably that you have set the Plant tool preferences to a size other than the style setting. The settings here are 'sticky', so if you've used them for one plant, they'll stay on until you manually change them. I suggest to always place all plants with the settings 'use plant style' for all available fields. If you later have to change some instances, you can then do it via the OIP.

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