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Nothing fancy - just a 2D Voronoi pattern painted (planted) across a hillside


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I've just upgraded to 2018 and interested in making 2D Voronoi patterns in Marionette. 


I want to create a random point pattern (with linking lines) across an area of hillside, and Voronoi diagrams are the best approach to this for my context.


Each area is enclosed by a polygon, and some areas have 'islands' / areas I can't plant into that I would want the algorithm to avoid. Nodes that site on the polygon edge are acceptable.


Is this realistically possible with Marionette? If it is I want to deploy this on hundreds of hectares, tweaking the script/process for different effects.


If possible what is the scope for tweaking the script for different effects - especially stretching / squashing resulting Voronoi polygons?


Encl. file one class:
3 earth_CN_VRN_Core

Area is 11.7Ha, and my hoped-for point pattern would have random point spacing varying from 45 to 80 lineal metres.


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