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Shortcut To Change Classes?



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I use the eye dropper tool all the time for changing an object’s class. There just needs to be another object nearby already in the reqd class. I’ve even changed the shortcut key for it to ‘E’.


Another way is in the nav palette. Right click on the class and select “assign to selection”.

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@markdd that's pretty great

@Boh I use the eyedropper all the time for this purpose! shift-E is one of the first shortcuts I learned 🙂! Didn't know about the right click on the class and assign to selection. 


Was hoping for something like press "F" type "Assign to Class" type "class name" - that would be incredible. so much time saving. 

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1 hour ago, trashcan said:

Didn't know about the right click on the class and assign to selection. 

This one is handy as it saves a lot of scrolling through the class drop down list in the oip.


Another trick is to use scripts. I have some for commonly used classes that simply place the selected object in a specified class.


Then there is also the custom tools command where you can create scripts to draw an objects and also have them placed in specified classes.

Below is a bunch of scripts I created for drawing 2d details. All the objects take on the class attributes so it makes drawing details very quick.




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woah @Boh - I haven't made my own scripts for VWX yet but that seems like a promising solve. I am talking about classes I use and reuse from file to file so this could be the solution here. 


Am I correct in assuming that's a custom tool pallet you've added to your workspace and filled with your scripts? Do they come up in Quick Search? Trying to spend less time on the mouse and more on the keyboard 🤑



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Yes quick ways to do repetitive tasks are definitely worth the time to set up!


50 minutes ago, trashcan said:

Am I correct in assuming that's a custom tool pallet you've added to your workspace and filled with your scripts?

There are at least a few ways to make scripts in VW without having to know how to actually write them. When you make the script you need to stick them in a palette. If you don't have any custom palettes then VW will ask you to make one.


I've made a few scripts to place objects in certain classes. This is one which will place selected objects into the "None" class. To customise it for other classes you just need to replace "None" to "Whatever is the name of the class you want to place the objects in".


Procedure SetTheClass;
	kCName = 'None';
	gh1 : HANDLE;
Function DoIt(h1 : HANDLE) : BOOLEAN;
	SetClassN(h1, kCName, True);

	Locus(0, 0);
	gh1 := LNewObj;
	ForEachObjectInList(DoIt, 2, 2, FInGroup(GetParent(gh1)));



55 minutes ago, trashcan said:

Do they come up in Quick Search?

You can use quick search toggle custom script palettes on and off. You would still need to click on the script you want.


Hope this is helpful in your efficiency drive!

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Great details! 


If you use that script to create a new plug-in menu command script, you can add to menus and then it'll show up in quick search:



This means that virtually anything you can script you can add as a menu item, which then you can add a hotkey if you want, or just use it in quick search.




Figured this out by reading this post:


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Yes! I've done that too and created a whole bunch of custom selection scripts for various common objects like lines, circles, spaces, text, etc etc and made them all commands in custom menus. Another advantage of making them commands over resource scripts is that scripts in the RM are file specific whereas commands are available to use on any file.


One thing I do like with palettes though is that you can have them right next to where you are workin,g which is what I do when I am using them a lot, and when finished  you can switch them off. I have a bunch of scripts in custom palettes in our drawing template files.


Thanks for the reminder about the quick search function. TBH I had totally forgotten about both that and the smart options display. I'll have to try and start using them in my daily workflow.


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I'd love to be able to combine this script:



and this script (above):



into one script. Sort of like a master reset for active class & attributes. I tried but failed so would love some help 🙂 

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