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Marionette & Error Messages with Project Sharing


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I've got a Marionette object working quite well... at least until I use it in a Working File linked to a Project File.  Actually, even in that case it's working quite well... except that each and every change to the Marionette prompts an error message (see attached screenshot).  Apparently the error message can be ignored without issue, but, it's very tedious having to continuously close it.  Any thoughts greatly appreciated.  Thanks!   VWIS221

01-Error Message-M02-01.png

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Bitte testen Sie, ob diese Fehlermeldung auch erscheint wenn man "intelligente Objekte aktualisieren" ausführt , wenn ja könnte ich ein Lösung haben.
(Pardon ich weiss leider nicht wie der Menübefehl "intelligente Objekt aktualisieren" in der internationalen Version heisst.)


Please test whether this error message also appears when you run "Update intelligent objects", if so I could have a solution. (Sorry, I don't know what the menu command "Update all intelligent objects" is called in the international version.)


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Hi @m.graf, at Tools > Utilities there's an "Update Plug-in Objects" command, but that appears to specifically exclude Marionette.  It didn't seem to change the behavior of the Marionette when I ran it.  There's also a "Reset All Plug-Ins" command.  When I ran that immediately after opening the file and before touching the Marionette, I got the error message twice in a row.  And after that, I still got the error message each time I adjusted the Marionette.  So, assuming "Reset All Plug-Ins" is the same as "Update intelligent objects," it looks like the error message does also appear when that command is run.  Thank you!

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