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I find myself regularly looking for better and smarter rich text in Vectorworks. As of 2022, you still cannot have rich bullets or rich formatting with the text tool (among other flaws). I'm collecting as many rich text requests and wishlist items as possible here. There are a lot of individual requests for this stuff but it's part of a greater whole indicating how badly the way text functions in VWX needs an overhaul. If you read any of my stuff on the forums, it's clear I come from the creative suite world where there are much much better tools for this. But hey! Even this forum has better text capabilities 🤪


Places where we want to see rich text and better formatting options:

  • Text tool
  • Callouts
  • Project data and sheet data
  • Records


Anywhere else?


Here's me asking about rich text in callouts:

Here's someone else asking about rich text in callouts:

Here's another person asking about the same thing:

And another:

Here's me asking about rich text in sheet data, which also talks about lack of rich text using the text tool. 

Here's someone asking about better formatting options in 2016:


Here's someone asking for Bullets in 2016:

Here's someone else asking for them in 2013:

And in 2012:

Here's a really comprehensive request for rich text tools and formatting in 2011:

There's a lot of good stuff in there in addition to formatting stuff. Good to read it through. 


And here it is again in 2010:


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I agree (and voted).


Another thing that would help with rich text management would be being able to see the font names in the font menu rendered in the actual font.  An added bonus would be the ability to only show some fonts - not every font installed on the computer - in the menu.

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Agreed. After 18 months of learning / using vectoworks, this stands out by far as the biggest disappointment. Makes it look like my drawings look like they were formatted by a first year intern. 


Don't get me started on database spellcheck (different list, I know). 


Still... the learning curve was steep, but I'm happy I made the investment. 

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Here are a few I missed:


Bullets, Indents, lists


This one is a great, previous roundup asking for better typographic controls across the board in Vectorworks. Also covers some additional missing features


  • Active spell check (and better spell check in general)
  • Visual font menu (see image below)

While not literally rich text, the features here accompany rich text in most applications


Active Spell Check:












Visual Font Menu:


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