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Snap to Internal Origin

Benson Shaw


The 000 point is not universally snappable (now there is a great word). Should it be? I often need it.

Seems pretty accessible in TopPlan. But …

  • Access any 3d tool and drawing switches to Top, causing the crosshairs vanish.
  • The 2d crosshairs show a smart cursor hint, but do not cause acquisition of a lingering snap point with red box.
  • I often wish I could acquire 000 as a snap point with associated extension lines. 

One workaround is to place a 3d Locus at 000 and assign it to the Guide class, maybe even Lock it there. Is this really necessary???

Also, there used to a vwx pref for Snap To Internal Origin. V2022 seems to have hidden that pref. I searched in snaps and vwx prefs. Must be elsewhere. 


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I have a red 2D Locus locked in on my template file. I also have this symbol classes REF-Locus to turn it off when laying out sheet layers. My purposes is to teach students the importance of 0,0,0 but I have found it useful for snapping. 


Yes, I know the locus will not print, but it will expand a viewport to an annoying size if you are annotating a drawing 10' in the air. 🙂 

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1 minute ago, Benson Shaw said:

What is advantage of symbol vs a locus

or a combo of 2d/3d loci?


Sometimes, I want to see that point. In a proscenium theatre, that is the intersection of the plaster line and the centerline. In a tv studio or ballroom, the point is somewhat arbitrary but usually the center of the room.


So, that symbol has its own class for visibility. If I need to see it, I want to be sure the people who need to see it can't miss it.

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