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Vw 2021 - Updating SLVPs with Image Effects Aborts Due To Lack of Memory



I haven't used Image Effects on SLVPs very much, but I am having trouble on a file in Vw 2021 where I get an error pop-up saying 'One or more operations were aborted due to lack of memory' when I try to update a SLVP with Image Effects.




  1. After giving me the error, looking at the OIP for the SLVP, it has gone ahead and unchecked the 'Apply image effects' checkbox;
  2. If I click Update on the SLVP viewport without the Image Effects, it renders and completes just fine without error;
  3. I can successfully apply the Image Effects after the SLVP has been updated - BUT - if I need to update the SLVP, I have to uncheck the Image Effects first in order to avoid getting the error.


The Vw file in question is 114MB, so not terribly large. The first time this happened to me, I shut down Vw and restarted my Mac. Then I reopened Vw 2021, opened the subject file, and repeated the process only to get the same 'Aborted due to Lack of Memory' error.


Screen recording showing the error in progress:


Thanks in advance.

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Added screen recording of error
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I'm still having this problem also. I'd love to be able to use Image Effects but I'm starting to avoid it. I was hoping a new computer would help. It didn't. The same problem happens on a 2015 iMac and a new MacBook Pro (w/ 32GB of memory) in VW2021. I have not yet tried in VW2022.



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