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Vectorworks 2022 and 2021 Mac 16" M1 Max

Eric Chase



I've been frustrated in the past with Apple products and vectorworks being cumbersome. Seems like every new VWX upgrades gets slower and slower.


I have recently purchased the 2021 Macbook Pro 16 inch. 64 GB memeory, Apple M1 Max chip, OS Monterey. I've also updated to Vectorworks 2022. 


On that computer, when I open a vwx file in Vectorworks 2021, go to a sheet layer, and attempt to change the crop size, it's slow but will eventually work. When I open the same file, on the same computer, to the same sheet layer in Vectorworks 2022, I've had the program crash twice attempting to change the crop size. The 3rd time it was significantly slower than on VWX 2021.


I've also notice that the graphics are much slower to load on Vectorworks 2022. This is true on both my old laptop (Macbook Pro 2018) and the new macbook pro. It's better on the new macbook pro, but graphics are still much slower than VWX 2021

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Same issue. 


I have many files in the office that we have all been working on. Everyone upgraded to 16" MBP M1 Max 64GB and VW22. Almost every old file we load crashes or hangs VW indefinitely. Also, when we do get something to load, it converts symbols to shapes, and does not allow us to select them without using the Force Select command. we cannot use the object selection tool to select them or to move them. SUPER annoying. 


Otherwise I have noticed marked improvements over our i7-based imacs with the radeon r9. (mid-2015)

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i have a similar issue MBpro M1 max and VW2022. I'm using old files and when I'm selecting something either it doesn't select it or it selects it but won't refresh the screen so I don't see. I always have to scroll up or down (zoom in or out) or use the arrows to finally see what I just done a few seconds ago. I have been using VW since minicad 20 years ago....wtf is happening with VW??? It's terribly annoying. I'm actually thinking of giving all that up and change to something else...I've been reassembling a file item by item (took me more than half a day) hoping that it might be the file...which was working fine with my 1 year old (16" MBP and VW2021) and guess what: it still doesn't work for any of them. I'm sure that there is a problem with the refreshing. it's like it's never triggered just like 1996 autocad as you had to hit refresh in order to be sure that everything was on the screen. thanks to all in advance for your help!


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Make sure you have the most recent updates of both MacOS and VW.  VW2022 is on SP3. I don't know the most recent version of Monterey.


You have brand new hardware and moving versions of the OS and VW.  Many others are using the same hardware as you without noticeable problems. Many are raving over the performance.


I have no idea what is the difference in your files or configuration to make so many problems, but it is not typical.

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