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Unified View Greyed out



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It appears to be only half-on in 2022, so I personally had to go back and turn on legacy features to get it to work as I needed.  It does not seem to align or project a 2D plan layer well with a 3D layer on top of it.


It's not even visible as a greyed-out option for me. I go straight from Rotate Plan to Create Viewport.  Opt+Cmd+L also does not work.


I found that if I went in and enabled legacy, told VW to Display Screen Objects, then disabled legacy, it works as needed.  So enabling and disabling don't work as intended either. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
On 11/10/2021 at 3:46 AM, May_Mal said:

After updating to Vectorworks 2022, some of us in the office cannot access the unified view option. Any ideas why?



Based on your screenshot and seeing the “New” menu next to the Help menu, it appears that you replied Yes to the “would you like to migrate” question when you first ran Vectorworks 2022. Since Unified View functions have been changed (as bcd mentioned they are on by default) in v2022, your migrated workspace tried to “connect” to the unified view commands but could not.


Unless you specifically intended to migrate forward a heavily modified workspace from a previous version of Vectorworks, I would recommend using one of the stock, default workspaces. These will be laid out and arranged as the software engineers intended. If you would like to make some modifications to a stock workspace, it’s typically best to duplicate the workspace, give it a unique name, then edit that duplicate.

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On 11/17/2021 at 9:22 AM, May_Mal said:

Thank you, that worked. 


As a practice we did actually have a bespoke workspace we all got used to using and therefore we migrated. 

Certainly, that makes sense if you have a heavily modified workspace that you don’t want to rebuild from scratch. Considering this, when you and your team install a new version of Vectorworks, definitely make some time to incorporate new tools and commands into your migrated workspace.

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