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equal parts

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Hi all,

Is there any way to divide a line or rectangle into equal parts automatically, that is without doing the math. And ideally if the initial line or rectangle is resized the equal parts would also resize. I am only thinking of this as a 2D operation.

Thanks in advance


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VectorWorks has a "snap to distance" option in the Constraints palette. Say you have a line to which you want snap to 1/7 parts. Enable the "snap to distance" snap to 1/7 and you will get a snap at each seventh of the line. Sort of the same as subdividing the line without having to..

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A pretty flexible way to divide just about anything is to offset a line a bunch of times (determined by the number of divisions desired +1) and then group them. This group can be stretched to the object to be divided and the intermediate segments are snappable reference points.

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You can also use the "LINE INTO SEGMENTS" command to divide a line into any number of equal parts.

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One more technique, not so much for dividing, but related:

In the Object Info, go to the dimension you want to change and type the calculation, eg. if the current width of a rectangle is 3600 and you want 1/7 of it, type /7 behind the 3600 and press enter.

For creating duplicates at odd distances (like that 514.28571428571 (3600/7), not to mention odd x/y displacement combinations, there are free 'duplicate by vector' utilities at VectorDepot.

You can use the four basic arithmetic operators (+ - * /) in all dialogs, too, like layer scale, object scaling and so on.

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