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Marionette to get a list of symbol names from a folder?

Alex Talbot

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I'm building a marionette plugin to automatically build platforms from predefined platform leg and deck symbols, and have run into some trouble sorting out symbol selection for the plugin. Optimally, I'd like to populate a dropdown from a list of symbols in a certain folder - if our legs are in one folder, the plugin could pull all of those symbols into a dropdown in the OIP. If this is not possible, I'd also be open to a dropdown of strings corresponding to our symbol library. Are either of these possible with the existing marionette toolkit? I've found mixed information on dropdown lists for strings. 

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Hi @Alex Talbot,


Welcome to the Vectorworks forum!

There is a node in the gallery, that might help with what you are planning:

This though is for when you want to see a preview of the actual symbols, so it opens a dialog with the resource browser and lets you choose one symbol.

It does not show a simple list of strings. Since you are not the first one to ask this, I will include it in this Marionette Gallery entry.

But that will have to wait, because I'm busy with other things right now.


If you want to have a crack at it, please have also a look at the default node called "Get Texture". This gives you the kind of dropdown you are looking for, but for another resource and not from a specific folder. So, you see: you would need to combine elements from the two: "Get Symbol from Folder" and "Get Texture".




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