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Symbols are not displayed when inserting or after insertion

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I'm trying to include some bath symbols like Kohler sinks, bathtubs, etc., the problem I have is that the symbols do not display at all on my screen All I get is a small crosshair cursor and then a goldenrod box approximating the size of the symbol, but nothing appearing as the actual symbol. I figure this is due to a setting turned off or something equally simple, but I've been at a loss to find it. Can anyone explain why this is occuring?



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I would look at the geometry contained inside the symbol, to see what class(es) it is assigned to, (NB this is not the same as the class the symbol itself is assigned to) and then check whether you have these classes visible. If that's the problem then you can choose between making those classes visible in any views you want to see the symbols in, or changing the classes within the symbol to match your existing classing system.

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JBscalia, I'm having this same issue in VW2022, it seems to me being a graphics issue. I've switched back to VW2021 & all of my same symbols are visible from selecting them in the Resource Browser to placing them into the walls which helps with door swing direction. With VW2022 I had to inset the door into the wall & then move it & change the swing direction I wanted. I was also getting many random black screens flashing's which I believe is related to not being able to adjust the display setting anymore. In VW 2021 I had to set the Display setting to Good Performance-Compatibility to work with minimum delays even though everyone I question says my computer should be powerful enough to run it fine. In VW2022 I was getting major delays in 2D drawing and many in 3D work.

Would love to find out what in my computer is casing these graphics issues.

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JBscalia, this is some of the delay issues I'm having with VW2022. Attached is a file of a work file of a house I'm modeling. I had to copy these components into a blank file to make easier to work on that in the main model file thinking it would work faster. But no, In trying to extend the stair stringer trim, shown in red, down to the other stringer trim, shown in red, the Push Pull Tool selects the wrong face & takes time to get the correct face selected, then can not zoom in as I pull it & even the pull feature takes time to work correctly. Please if you get the chance open this file & see if you have the same delays. I'm trying to find another PC user that does not have delays like these so I can study the differences between our computer set ups.



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@Dubman I have been experiencing extreme delays in VW2022 too. I checked your stairs file + it's the same as you describe for me. I am having issues selecting objects, zooming, panning... all very slow + with delays. So right now I go to select a Wall in the model. 3D view, Shaded render mode. Move the cursor over the Wall + it takes 5 seconds for the Wall to preselection highlight. Click on the Wall + it takes 17 seconds + a couple of spinning beach balls for it to be selected! CPU going up to 100% in Activity Monitor both times. I am having to change to Wireframe in order to work which I NEVER had to do in VW2021 or 2020 unless it was a really huge file which this isn't. Shut down VW + restart + it's the same thing.


I have had various other very weird things happening to do with disappearing components + disappearing textures but I won't bore you with them here.


@Jbscalia sorry this has gone off topic somewhat

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No probs. 'None' is a default class that should in pretty much all circumstances I think be set to be visible. When you want to start controlling the visibility of objects then you start placing them in other classes. Your sanitaryware symbols are automatically assigned to the container class 'Plumbing-Fixtures' which is where you'd control their visibility. The geometry inside the symbol however is assigned to the default None class on the assumption that this class will never be turned off + you'll have no need to control the visibility of the individual components of the symbol independently of the symbol as a whole. If that makes sense...


(Just realised this is precisely what @line-weight said at the beginning)

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