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Purge is broken



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I believe Service Pack 1 is the most recent release.  I just tried this on a test file and it removed almost everything. It certainly removed classes. The file I tested did not have any worksheets.


What Purge did not remove from the resource manager were Styles and Line Types.


As I am sure you know sometimes you have to run Purge multiple times to deal with nested resources.


Can you try the most current SP? if it still does not work please file a bug with the file.  


But my guess is it is a file problem rather than a purge problem. But if I am wrong, VW need to know and have a reproducible case to fix it.

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16 minutes ago, bcd said:

Here we go. It looks like at least partly it has to do with styled objects.

This file, created from a blank, 3 rectangles converted to Hardscape, Slab, Walls.Purge Test.vwx

One of the default TBs placed on a sheet layer w/ SLVP.

SL deleted. DL contents deleted.

Purge doesn't purge.





OK, now I see ....

Everything activated in Purge, nothing offered to delete  ...



I can't see any Objects on DLs,

as well as any SLs or VPs - as there aren't any ...

Nor Textures applied to Classes and such things ...


So Purge - should be purging ...

(If there aren't any hidden+locked elements I can't see ?)


So I think this is worth to file a Bug Report and send the file to support.

(Never have seen that before ....)

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It looks like a Working As Designed (WAD) thing rather than a bug to me.


It appears that VW has decided that Styles should not purge. As such, the materials, classes, hatches, etc. associated with those Styles can also not be purged.


If this bothers you then submit it as a bug. Since VW does not usually reply to bug reports, I would suggest submitting it as an Enhancement Request. That way if they say it is WAD they will also know that perhaps the design needs to be changed.


Best would be to add an additional check box for Purge to Purge Unused Styles.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Wall, slab, and roof styles will definitely purge, but one thing to check is whether a style is selected in the preferences for that tool, because in that case the Purge command will not delete it.  For example, if you create two wall styles, "WallStyle-1" and "WallStyle-2", and then you go to the Wall tool and select "WallStyle-1" in the tool's mode bar, then run the Purge command, it will purge "WallStyle-2" but not "WallStyle-1".  And then any resources (materials, hatches, textures, etc.) used by that wall style will not purge.  And then any resources used by those resources (hatches and textures of a material, for example) will also not purge.  So that can leave quite a few resources unpurged.  Could that be what is happening here?

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