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Poll: Do you use the Database Filter in the Notes Manager?

Do you use the Database Filter in the Notes Manager?  

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  1. 1. Do you use the Database Filter in the Notes Manager to retrieve previously saved searches?

    • Yes, I often use it to retrieve previously saved filters
    • No, I generally create a new filter each time I do a search, even if it's a duplicate
    • No, I don't use Database Filter at all

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I'm curious to know how many people use the Database Filter in the Notes Manager and Edit Callout windows in the way it's designed to be used: that is, for creating a list of saved searches and retrieving those saved searches. For instance I use it but only because there's currently no other search function for note text. I almost never chose a previously saved 'filter' because I find it faster just to type out another one, therefore using it more like a search field.



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I don't use the filter at all, and seldom use the callouts database because its functionality seems convoluted to me.  I wish it were designed in a more intelligent and user-friendly way, and I assume this poll is intended to show one way in which the interface is poorly designed.


I'd like to be able to edit an xml file directly, and have those files saved in a folder instead of having the mess managed by the software.  Then just populate the keynotes with the xml file, instead of this clumsy interface.

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Yes, it's pretty antiquated. I was chatting about the search part of this interface with Ian Lane of VW at the design summit. One suggestion he had—which I really like—is that the actual search field (the one with the magnifying glass icon) could have a little dropdown that allows the user to choose which part of the database they want to search (e.g. Descriptions, Note Text, everything), because at the moment it only searches Descriptions.


The question then becomes, what is the Database Filter for? And does anybody actually use it to save and retrieve searches. I don't, I just use it as a clumsy search field. I'd get rid of it if there was a dropdown menu added to the search field. It just seems like something that's been there since Minicad and nobody's removed it yet.

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