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Get actual amount of Symbols in Record Field

Bogdan Ciocan

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with new Worksheet Functions in VW 2022 i hoped to extract the actual amount of Objects, in may case Symbols from a project, in a record field, but not necessarily.

What I'm trying to do is to write these amounts back to an excel worksheet via ODBC.

Has anyone done this before or do you have any idea on how i could do this?


Thank you,

Best regards


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I don't think you need any of the new functions to do this. =Count should be able to do what you want.


=COUNT(((T=SYMBOL))). Will return the total number of symbols placed in the drawing area of the file.


=COUNT(((S='Symbol-1'))) Will return the number of symbols named 'Symbol-1'


I don't have any idea about doing the OBDC export. If you are on Mac, I am not sure the OBDC of Mac Excel works with VW. You might be able to use the Data Manager to store the values into a record attached to a proxy object (maybe a locus on a layer reserved for this purpose) with a record attached that could update the OBDC file.

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Hi @Pat Stanford,


the reason is to compare the used Symbols ( in our case Materials ) from a Project with the available amount within a specific period of time from our warehouse.

But I'm not able to send the actual count of Symbols to Excel, other then data form record format.

I know that the values form record format are defaults, but at the moment i don't see another way.




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