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Ext-Int Wall Detail option for Brick Mold



In the door & window tools there is a Exterior & Interior Wall Detail settings. They only allow you to splay the jamb/wall edge. In all brick veneer buildings I have worked on here in USA the typical exterior details is to stop the brick back from the opening to allow for a Brick Mold to cover the window or door nailing flange. This is so you can you can remove it to remove/replace the windows. In the settings for the Ext-int Wall Details in both the window & door tool, it only allows you to splay this jamb/wall edge. This would be an easy place to have the setting to hold the brick back and a user defined distance. I could easily add the brick mold trim myself. I have mad a door & window symbol with the brick mold attached to it but this does not work well especially for the interior side, it make the opening in the wall to the exterior width of the brick mold.


Am I the only person using brick mold around doors & windows in a brick veneer building?

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Take a look at my question & @Matt Panzer's video on Oct 12th on this thread: 




I think it's what you're looking for.  Heads up, the interface and the number of places you have to go to get the settings right is a little overwhelming.  The help system is not much of a help in this regard.  Matt's video (and a webinar he did that hasn't been added to VW University) is the only thing that helped me understand the workflow.




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