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Simpson sds25200 screw 3d modeled VW2021


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This model while highly detailed may not be a perfect copy as noted in the document's notes.

I do not represent the manufacturer.

This is only a personal interest in creating 3d objects that are potentially useful because they are not yet in VW's kit of parts.


I hope that you find this useful in seeing my creation process for this item.

It may not be the most optimized creation. I welcome any critique towards doing so while retaining the aspects presented.


If there is a more suitable location for sharing these types of things, please advise.

Thanks. Larry



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So I managed to reverse the path direction, but it was not without it's difficulties.

The profile interacted with the path differently such that it didn't die out into the tapered shaft tip. The edge reemerged slightly suggesting that the profile's angle has been altered, so I had to shorten the path.

And the final subtraction could not be computed until I rotated the main object so that it was slicing out a different part of the screw tip.


But the aspect that I am a little stumped upon is in my effort to turn/direct the top end of the thread into the shaft. The product's thread dies into the side of the shaft at both ends. I joined a 90° arc (after converting it to nurbs) to the top end of the nurbs path thinking that was the way to approach it but the extrude command rejects the path after the segment is added. I've left the arc and original nurbs path embedded inside the extrude's path. The compose command will join them into one nurbs path after converting the arc to nurbs.


Any thoughts?


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