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Better material-substructure (textures, fills) editing



Hello All.
The "new" Materials are a HUGE improvement, BUT.
It is really painful to start creating a new material to suddenly discover that when you are halfway, you don´t have the necessary texture created and have to "go out" of the menu and create it. Then you go back to the material and surprise! You also forgot to create the hatch... Could we have the creation easiness that we have when we forget the Classes and must create a new one, please?

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To expand on this request I am finding that the New Materials vs using Component Classes (as previous VW method) there are some limitations in "Materials" visual control in Viewports on a per item basis. Example, I often need to show multiple Exterior Cladding Schemes to clients, With the classes method I need to have several wall style for each cladding type and then override the viewport Class to do iterations. Now with Material, I still need to create several wall types using a specific cladding Material for each but my options now to control iterations in Viewports is to either;

  1. Use the new Data Visualization feature to override each specific Material,
  2. OR Link each Materials Fill and Texture to a Component Class...but this would just end up as previous VW method (and would be incredibly long to re-setup all the Materials already provided in the Library)

What is odd to me is that with the new Materials method, I am saving on adding classes but I now have Many Materials to manage. If Material will have further implementation uses then it makes sense but not currently IMO. One thing that materials need is the ability to be used in Section Details in Viewport Annotations, as you can see in the attached screenshot we need to be able to select which Material Part we want to use (Fill, Texture or Hatch) AND we must be able to control the selected parts Scale/Rotation/offset(alignment). With such a system then we could use the same Materials at deferent scales in Layers AND Viewports. 

Materials for Section Details.jpg

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