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rotating multiple objects simultanueously around their own origin

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maybe its a simple trick, but cant find it:


Lets say 15 objects selected. Each one has to be rotated by the Rotate Left command.

Any idea how to do this in one click instead of doing 15 clicks and 15 rotate commands ?


Could make a (marionette-) script for this, but I wonder if this can be done with the native tools.

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8 hours ago, KingChaos said:

Hi there,



i got a marionette, placing cabinets and i need a text on the top surface (cabinet height) which display the depth of the cabinet.


The red (name) and green text (Width) is placed well, after a few trys and errors.


But i am not able to move the blue text (Depth) into specific z value. (the blue text should be here)



Which node i can use, or why it wont work?




PS: it would be great to know in addition, how to make a Text (magenta) on the side of the cabinet, displaying the "height".


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On 11/11/2021 at 4:24 AM, KingChaos said:

@Pat Stanford sounds interesting, You know whether it is possible to rotate a Text around a specific point in angles y or x axis or both?

I finally understand what you are asking.  And working planes are still the answer.


I think of Text as a "screen plane" (not really, especially since that term and functionality is being deprecated), so rotate only makes sense around a point.


You are thinking more in terms of text as bing a "sign".  That sign could be flat on a wall. It could be rotated so that one end is on the wall and one end angled out. It could be rotated so that the top edge is on the wall and the bottom edge angled out.  Or any variation of those.


Make a working plane at the position and angle you need and put the text on that plane and you can get the desired results.


And the working plane functionality applies not just to text but to all "2D" (rectangle, circle polygon, poly line, text, line, dim, etc.) VW objects. They all exist on a Plane. If you want them lifted off of the Layer Plane or angled away from the Layer Plane you have to create a working plane in the proper orientation and put the objects on that plane.



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