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VW 2022 MVR export issues - empty models


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The MVRs exported from Vectorworks are including a lot of completely empty 3DS files - no faces, not even any no vertices.

Seen in both 2021 and 2022.


Eg All the Prolyte truss symbols are exported as two 3DS files. One of them contains the truss mesh, the other is apparently completely empty.


The MVR export is also including all my 2D-only layers, complete with an empty 3DS file for every item.


This results in really huge lists of 'blank' models when the MVR is imported into other software, as well as totally empty (and very confusing) blank hierarchy.

In a recent export 42 out of 100 3DS files were completely empty, this made finding the actual models in the other software really difficult!


I believe these blank 3DS files are in fact 2D symbols (or 2D parts of a symbol). These clearly shouldn't be exported!

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