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Lost buttons 2022



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It is hidden by default from top bar.

But you can reactivate it from the top bar's drop down.


Unified View's sub options are now simplified though.



If you really need full Unified View Settings and Screen Plane,

you should activate "2D legacy Mode" in Document Settings.


If you open any Document that still contains such 2D legacy

settings, the "2D legacy Mode" will be activated by default

and Screen Plane and Unified View are available.

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Thanks, that shows it up again. If this feature is being dumped I can't understand how you can work in 3d without it.  

if you can't unify the view of 2 or more layers, how do you view them aligned when spinning around it in flyover tool.

The only layer that moves is the active layer, the rest stay 'top/plan'

Am I missing something?


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1 hour ago, paulg said:

If this feature is being dumped I can't understand how you can work in 3d without it.


Unified View ON is just the default setting now,

which the majority of users need. And there was lots of irritation for new users when

UV was accidentally switched off.


Having UV OFF was just a legacy workflow from back in the time when there was no

Sheet Layers and you layout and printed from Design Layers.

Some users still want to do so or use these legacy features for other purposes.

Therefore it is not deleted but hidden by default.


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Thanks for clarifying.


Strange that my file didn't align the layers at all to begin with.  After it crashed I re-started and the layers then started aligning by default.  

I did update to the latest service pack as well, which might have helped.






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