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Issue opening xml file in Lightwright

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Hello there,


when I try to "Import data' in LW6 I get a pop up that says "FILENAME.xml is not a file that LightWright can open".


I already resaved the file so that the name has no non-alphabetical components and have moved the file from Google drive to my computer to see if that was the issue but I continue to have this issue.


I am using the educational version of VW2021 for MAC.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Milner Sommers,


I think you might be using the wrong command to link Lightwright with your VWX file.  'Import Data' is used to import fixture information from a CSV or tab-separated file.


To link your LW with your VWX drawing, use the Data Exchange function, which you access by clicking the 'V' Icon in the top right of the LW window:



From this dialogue tick the 'Use Data Exchange' box, and then select the .XML file.



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