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How do I rotate textures on a site modifier ?

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As shown in the attached file, when I apply a rectilinear texture to a hardscape site modifier, the lines appear on a diagonal, instead of aligning with the other textures.   I tried to rotate the texture using the attribute mapping tool, but like the dialog box states ... it won't work.   The OIP does not have the field for rotating textures on a site modifier.   So .....   How can I rotate the texture to match the same texture pattern on other hardscape ?


PS: I'm using VW 2015  ... so if that version won't do it, please don't write about more recent version solutions.

VW texture test.tiff

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Is the Sketch setting doing anything? Try switching to None. 

Place a copy of the hardscape in a new blank vwx v2015 file to experiment. There should be a way to rotate the texture. Post here ,too. Might be other v2015 users with solutions, or memory thereof. I think the texture orientation controls have not changed much if responses are from newer versions. 

Here are some workarounds. Try in a test file. 

1.  Create a new surface just for texture.

Use the Extract tool>Surface mode in 3d tool set. If not familiar . . .

—HoverClick to highlight the desired area. shift click to extend. 

—Press Return/Enter (or click the green checkmark in tool menu).

—Result is a NURBS Surface or group coincident with the slab. 

—Apply a solid fill and the texture.

—Adjust the z value up a cm or so to avoid display conflicts from coincident surfaces. 

OIP controls for texture orientation should be available.
—Leave the slab in place, but remove the fill and texture if nec. 


2. Alter a texture - duplicate the texture definition in the Resource Browser. In the duplicate texture definition, rotate the image. Apply this new texture to the hardscape. 

3.  Rather than a hardscape modifier, try a Pad site mod, with a grade limits and a slab on top. Texture the slab.


4.  Maybe the panhandle shape is a problem? Split the shape into several less complex shapes. 

5.   Duplicate one of the adjacent hardscapes and edit the shape to match the problem one. If texture ok, replace the problem one. 


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Thanks for all the suggestions.  Here are the results:


1) does not work.  The DTM and the site modifier do not respond to the "extract surface" tool

2) I could not get it to work.  When editing the texture, there is no way to rotate it by a few degrees.  I can not rotate the texture until it is applied to an object in the OIP.

3) works ... but .... only if the slab is planar.  Can not work for a hardscape that follows the grades.

4) does not work.  The new shapes now have the same problem.

5) Success !      However .... what if I'm only applying one texture bed and it happens to be out of whack?   I don't want to keep adding texture beds in different shapes until one comes out correctly.


Your response is much appreciated, however, because it proved to me that this is not simply due to my lack of knowledge.  It seems that VW simply does not allow for an easy way to change the rotation of textures on a texture bed site modifier.

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Dang! Surprised the Extract tool is not picking up the surface. Try creating a duplicate in place and ungroup or convert to group. Extract might work on this. 
if possible, post a v2015 file with a few of these objects. Eg a dtm, a properly textured object and the problem object. Let the hive mind chew on it. 

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